10 design tips for achieving brand consistency

Your branding is the face of your business. Whether it’s your website, your business cards, or your social media materials, all your content should be instantly recognisable as being part of the same business. Here are ten ideas to build consistency across your brand. 

1. Choose a colour palette and stick to it. Select your primary brand colours for dominant items such as headlines, and secondary colours for elements like icons and subheadings.

Sample colour palette, using mint green as the primary colour, with the teal and greys as the secondary choices.

2. Keep your font choice uniform across all content. Often a brand uses a combination of fonts, but using the same font for all headlines, for example, will help to visually connect all of your content.

3. If you’ve rebranded recently, take time to ensure the old logo is replaced with the new one across all content.

4. Do you have your logo supplied in suitable colour variations for use on both light and dark backgrounds? Ensure you use the correct version in both situations.

Left: Full colour logo on a light background. Right: Reversed out logo on a dark background.

5. If your logo features a symbol or icon which can be used as a stand alone element, it’s useful to agree situations where it’s appropriate to use just the symbol, or the full version of the logo. Again, whatever you decide, stick to it!

6. You’ll no doubt use illustrations or photography to supplement your copy. Try to apply the same style to all materials, whether it’s adding a specific filter or ensuring each image predominantly features some of your branding colours.

Left: Image featuring primary brand colour. Right: Photo with a brand colour overlay.

7. Consider how you combine images and text. Do you overlay photos with text, or do you leave lots of clear space? Again, make the decision and run with it.

8. Keep the tone consistent. Are you going for fun and upbeat? Or relaxed and harmonious? Conveying the same tone throughout will help with your brand recognition and personality.

9. Position your logo in the same area on all materials, and at a similar proportion too. Perhaps you always feature your logo in the top left corner. Or maybe run it at the end along with your contact details. 

Left: Logo positioned in top left corner of website. Right: Logo in the same position on a business card.

10. Social media encompasses a wide range of platforms, each one requiring different image sizes and proportions. Try to ensure all platforms look similar when the user first views them, from cover images through to the posts themselves. 

Taking a bit of time to consider your design choices and apply them consistently across all your materials are key methods to building your brand. Feel free to get in touch at hello@hannahhowat.com if you’d like any further guidance or advice about keeping consistency across your own brand. I work with businesses from a range of sectors across both print and digital, frequently helping with branding or rebranding. I can also create brand guidelines for existing logos which cover many of the points highlighted above.